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The Deli Counter.

A deli counter filled with goodies can surely make most people's taste buds to start dancing and maybe it can even make the nerd within us to come alive. Shopping over the counter from a delicact store, farm shop, charcuterie or food hall is a growing trend. We want to buy the enjoyables and little extra goodies from those who can do their thing in specialized stores.

For good presentation.

We offer a wide selection of nice platters, forms, bowls and trays that enhances the impression of your deli counter. The products are perfect for serving and displaying food and delicacies of different sorts.

The products comes from market leading manufacturers such as Dalebrook.


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What do you want to show your customers?

With our display material you can highlight quality meat, special prices on cheese, or a ham that is near expiration date that you wish to sell out. Our assortment includes everything from large boards that you attach to the wall, to small signs that can be placed on top of the counter.

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Fill out the gap!

Grapes in the cheese department or tomatoes among the cured meats? With our artificial but natural-looking fruits and vegetables you can easily fill out any gap in your counter in order to create a rich feeling.

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New and fresh utensils.

Kitchen utensils can easily become dated which looks dull when assisting customers with sauces, stews and such. This can easily be fixed with new and fresh utensils in melamine, polycarbonate or stainless steel.

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The Grill.

We offer a wide assortment of oven gloves, gleaning products, aprons and much more, that simplifies work with and around the grill.

BBQ Bags Cleaning BBQ GLOVES


Cakes, pastries or platters with cured meat, plenty of different dishes is created in a deli counter. We have a large selection of catering products that makes your dishes looks great and keeps them safe during transportation.


Platters Cake Plates

Time for new knifes?

Regardless if you are on the lookout for a new cheese knife or a knife to filé you meat you will find what you are looking for in our assortment. We have knifes from well-known brands in many different models and sizes. We also offer knife grinders.


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Queuing Systems.

Don’t let your customers wait for too long. Number tags is a practical and time efficient queuing system that allows the customer to continue to shop while waiting for their turn. We offer some of the most popular systems on the market together with number tags for refill.


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Hygienic stands and bin bags.

Longopacs systems of stands and bin bags is a hygienic solution as bags are changed and sealed from the outside which means that you have no contact with the waste. Bin bags and stands are available in different sizes.

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We´ve got it.

We offer a large selection of products for you deli counter, e.g. BBQ bags, food packaging paper and plastic forms, as well as a comprehensive assortment for other departments in your grocery store. If you wish to view our entire product range we recommend that you visit our site for grocery stores.

Industry: Supermarkets

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