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Sporty and sustained.

For XXL, we have developed a concept with sustainability and reusable use in focus.

Design and durability.

Design och hållbarhet.

XXL's wish was to produce packaging for stores and e-commerce in their usual brand colors lime green, white, grey and black. It provides a high recognition factor for the XXL brand and is at the same time clear and stylish. They use paper bags and recycled plastic, both store bags and e-commerce bags. The choice of materials for e-commerce bags may vary depending on the country in which products are shipped, as there are different rules. The aim is to produce packaging in an environmentally conscious way.

Reusable bags.


XXL's had a clear desire for bags and bags for reusable use. The advantage of having a bag that you can use more than once is that you can use it in stores other than XXL. In addition to the fact that the practical reusable bag has environmental benefits and is stylish and useful, the advantage will also be that the bag itself becomes a walking advertising pillar for the brand.

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