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Coffee shop.

Here we have collected a selection of products for the people in the coffee shop business. Here you will find a wide range of products to use for take-away, dining or in the kitchen. Welcome to shop from our side for coffee shops!

Smaksättare från Matthieu Teisseire

Drinks with Matthieu Teisseire.

Experience the variety of drinks you can create with syrups from Mathieu Teisseire. With these syrups, there's something for every taste. Do you prefer fruity, berry, caramel, or perhaps cucumber or lavender? Right now, we have a promotion on our range from Mathieu Teisseire, so take the opportunity to find your favorite flavors at a great price.

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Discover Rubinen's Coffee Roastery.

Surely, you haven't missed out on our affordable coffee blends and beans from Rubinens Kafferosteri. With this selection we aim to offer you a carefully chosen and truly delicious range at an incredibly good price. Here you'll find both organic coffee and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee.

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Oatly iKaffe i liten förpackning!

Oatly iKaffe in a Small Package.

Here you'll find the beverage with a name that reveals its purpose. iKaffe is Oatly's popular plant-based alternative to coffee milk, perfect for frothing and creating all sorts of barista magic with. iKaffe is made from oats and has a character that is both rich and smooth. New to the lineup is Oatly iKaffe in a small and convenient 2-centiliter package.

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Praktiskt och snyggt förkläde i canvas.
Prowear - Vårt eget varumärke!

Practical and stylish canvas apron.

This equally affordable and stylish apron is made of canvas. It features adjustable suspenders and a double pocket on the right side with bellows and a key loop. The apron's waistbands make it easy to adjust and customize the width for a comfortable fit. When the work shift is over, the apron can be hung up with a convenient loop.

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Återanvändbara muggar och matlådor
Panter powered by Tingstad

Future-proof take away with Panter powered by Tingstad.

Starting from January 1, 2024, a new law will be introduced that requires restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and other food service establishments offering their customers food and beverages in disposable cups and food containers to also provide reusable alternatives for take away. With our concept, Panter powered by Tingstad, you can find reusable take-away products as well as a digital return system that complies with the requirement for a collection and reuse rotation system.

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Discover our services

Professional dishservice.

We have long experience in delivering dishservice to restaurants, hotels and companies. We install and get you started, ensuring that everything works in the best possible way. Learn more about how we can facilitate your working day.

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Food safety program.

Our Food safety program is uniquely designed for large kitchens, restaurants and grocery stores. Operations in these industries are expected to comply with legal requirements and guidelines regarding food safety and hygiene. We conduct hygiene inspections and inform you about possible shortcomings, we develop action plans, follow up and assist you in documenting what the authorities require for good food hygiene.

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Pest Control program.

Our Pest Control program is designed to provide you with long-term and worry-free results. Our pest technicians have the knowledge required to give you practical advice on what can be improved in your business to keep your pests away.

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