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A craftsman is the typical example of someone who gets things done. A craftsman is a professional who is knowledgeable in his field and in so doing possesses knowledge and experience that is invaluable to us other, ordinary mortals, people. With their hands as the main work tool, craftsmen can take on everything from electricity, carpentry, plumbing, plumbing, tiling, sheet metal work, painting and wallpapering and more. You as a craftsman will find a large part of what you need to simplify your working day at Tingstad.com

Tools and machines.

Bra belysning är en viktig förutsättning för att en hantverkare ska kunna arbeta effektivt, säkert och precist. Med arbetsbelysning anpassad för hantverksyrken kommer du kunna arbeta upplyst hela dagen, oavsett årstid, väder och övriga ljuskällor. Låt arbetsbelysningen leda vägen!



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Tips when buying:

Construction helmets.

In many professions and work environments, there are risks that mean that head protection must be used. These are often safety helmets that are to function protectively and against sharp objects and as shock protection for falling objects. Helmets are available in different designs and worth thinking about are which accessories they need to be compatible. It is also important to know that the protective ability of the helmet can be weakened by external factors.

When should I replace my safety helmet?

It is important to know that helmets must be replaced if any of the following has occurred:

  • The helmet has been exposed to chemicals.
  • The helmet has been exposed to prolonged sunlight.
  • The helmet has been subjected to severe shocks.

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Tips when buying:

Ear protection.

Hearing protection is used in workplaces where noise and high noise levels can not be reduced in other ways. When you buy hearing protection, it is important to think about how the hearing protection is located, what environment and area of use they are needed in and what sound attenuation you need. It should not be too high or too low.

There are legal requirements for using hearing protection in workplaces that have noise levels that exceed certain levels.

When must hearing protection be used?

  • If the average noise is more than 85 dB (A) during an 8 hour working day.
  • If the maximum sound level is 115db (A) or higher.
  • If the maximum short-term noise peak during a working day is 135 dB (C) or more.

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Tips when buying:

Safety glasses.

Sight is the mind we humans use the most and therefore is of course extremely important to protect. About 1000 workplace accidents with eye injuries occur every year. In work where there is a risk of particles or splashes in the eyes and in work with strong exposure to radiation and strong light, safety goggles must be used.

What should I keep in mind when choosing goggles?

  • The spectacle frame must have the correct fit so that particles or radiation cannot enter.
  • The right type of goggles for the task.
  • That you feel satisfied with the eye protection you have chosen.

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Tips when buying:

Protective gloves.

The hands are our main work tool which, depending on the work environment, are more or less exposed to risks. The most common injuries to hands are cuts and they are therefore important to protect by choosing the right glove for the work to be performed.

What should I think about current work gloves?

There are many different types and models of gloves to choose from. The material in the gloves must be adapted to the needs of the area of use. they must be comfortable, flexible and durable and protect against risks at work.

Gloves are divided into different CE categories depending on the risk and danger they are to protect against.
Category 1 - The gloves can be used in low-risk work. For example, household gloves for protection against dishwashing, washing and cleaning agents.
Category 2 - All types of gloves that are not categorized as Category 1 or 3
Category 3 - The gloves must be used in environments where there is a high risk of serious injury.

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Tips when buying:

Safety shoes.

The right type of work shoes protects the feet from blows and falling objects, they should also relieve the feet and protect them from incorrect loading and wear and tear. Safety shoes can come in variants in everything from sandals, slippers and shoes to boots and boots.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a safety shoe?

It is important to think through and make an analysis of the risks that can affect your feet that you are exposed to in your work. Do you need a steel cap and spike protection. Do the shoes need to be waterproof or maybe airy? Let the work and the work environment in which the shoes are to be used determine what type of shoe is needed. If you need extra relief for the feet, you can supplement the shoe with an insole.

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Fall guard.

A fall guard is used to avoid risks and injuries when working at high altitudes. Many fall accidents cause serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. With fall protection, much of this can be avoided. When working at a height higher than two meters, fall protection is required by law. With us, you will find fall protection kits that suit you who work on roofs.

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Profile printed work clothes.

The impression of you as a craftsman is enhanced by your work clothes and the company you represent. We therefore recommend that you print your craft clothes with your logo. We help you choose the garments that meet your needs and print them.

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Hantverkarens händer får utstå mycket under en arbetsdag. Med rätt hygienprodukter, som biter på smuts men samtidigt vårdar huden så kommer man långt. Med Byggtvål från Ekofekt får du garanterat skonsamt rengjorda händer som inte torkar ut.

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Rätt belysning för jobbet.

Bra belysning är en viktig förutsättning för att en hantverkare ska kunna arbeta effektivt, säkert och precist. Med arbetsbelysning anpassad för hantverksyrken kommer du kunna arbeta upplyst hela dagen, oavsett årstid, väder och övriga ljuskällor. Låt arbetsbelysningen leda vägen!

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