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Ice cream - products for the ice cream bar.

Ice cream, sorbet, gelato, soft serve, parfait. Ice cream can be enjoyed in many ways and on warm summer days it is wonderful to hang in the ice cream bar. Cooling, sweet and wonderful tasting ice cream is really what hot days need. We have the products that make the work in the ice cream bar smoother. Here you will find ice cream machines, canteens, ice cream scoops, ice cream cups and much more.

Bägare och skedar.

Servera trendigt.

Att välja mer hållbara produkter och material är för många en självklarhet idag. Gör serveringen av glass både naturligt vacker och rustik genom att servera den med mer hållbara produkter som pappersbägare, träskedar och servetter i naturfärg, tillverkade av naturliga och förnyelsebara råvaror. Naturligt, mer hållbart och helt rätt. 

Vi vågar dessutom påstå att den naturnära färgen på bägare, skedar och servetter kommer bidra till att lyfta färgerna och upplevelsen av den goda glass du serverar ytterligare.  

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Glassens historia i korthet.

We all scream for ice cream.

That ice cream is good certain. But it is uncertain how long man has eaten ice cream. In very old Chinese writings, ice cream is said to be described as a mixture of fruit, ice and snow. The legend also says that Marco Polo tasted ice cream during his time in Beijing and that in the 13th century he introduced it in Italy, upon his return to his home country. In the 16th century, ice cream is beginning to be described in a more modern sense; like a hard frozen smooth mass and in the 18th century it spreads further into Europe. Since then, it has become more and more popular and spread to become something available for "everyone" to enjoy from the 20th century

Kalla fakta.

Fun facts about ice cream.

  • In Sweden ice cream production has been rewritten since the 18th century and there are also recipes for chocolate ice cream in Cajsa Warg's cookbook Hjelpreda in the Household For Young Fruits timber, whose first edition came in 1755.
  • In 1927, the ice cream machine was invented which enabled mass production of ice cream.
  • In 1968, the Hemglass car started driving out and selling ice cream to residential neighborhoods around Sweden.
  • In Sweden we eat 12 liters of ice cream per person per year.
  • Every year, 111 million liters of ice cream are produced in Sweden.




När gott också är nyttigt.

The nicest ice cream.

Frozen banana slices and berries or fruit mixed into a creamy ice cream are probably the easiest, fastest and healthiest ice cream. Therefore, this type of ice cream is often called nice cream and it can be varied infinitely. For example, you simply mix frozen banana slices with frozen mango and strawberries until you get a smooth glassy mass. Simple, healthy and delicious!

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