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Set the table.

We offer a wide range of products for the table setting. Thanks to our wide assortment, you can create a beautiful set table regardless of the feel and style you wish to create in you dining room. Create a nice atmosphere with the right choice of glass, crockery, cutlery, table cloths, napkins and candles.

Create atmosphere at the table.

A set table can be practical and basic as well as generous and exclusive. Regardless of which the set table can work as an extension of your brand and the feeling you want to convey. We have gathered some inspiration tips for how the table can be varied.

  • Natural elements: Let nature in and let it be a part of your table setting. Stones, seashells, driftwoods, berries and flowers can provide a lovely and earthy touch to the table.
  • Color matching: Let the colors recur and create uniformity in the table setting by matching the porcelain with the color of flowers, textiles and napkins.
  • Recycle: Use glass cans of different sizes like vases. Split a large bouquet and spread it into cans along the table. It provides a lively and playful table setting that speaks durability.
  • Candlelights: Instead of a candelabra in the middle, use candlesticks at different heights and place along the center of the table. White candles gives a sober impression while black candles gives a more dramatic touch to the table.

Luxurious napkins for fine dining.

Let the table setting get an luxurious lift with napkins from our Premium series, which are now available in a range of new, lovely colors. The napkin is made of certified raw material and its textile-like feel makes the napkin sturdy but at the same time soft for the guest who uses it. It is also the textile-like feeling that enhances the feeling of luxury. What color suits your business?  

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Shop from a wide range of dinnerware for restaurants. We have many series of highest quality made from durable china, porcelain and melamine.

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In our range you will find glassware for use in restaurants. Shop for drinking glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses and more for your restaurant.

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Our range of restaurant cutlery consists of several elegant series from manufacturers like Merx, Gense and more. Find a cutlery set that fits your restaurants style.

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Influence the taste of the food with the color of the napkin.

It may sound strange but our senses work together and it is sometimes said that we eat with our eyes. What color you set the table with influences both the impression of the table and how your guests experience taste and fragrances. Combining the food with the right color can affect the overall experience for your guests.

  • Bright yellow, yellow and orange: Fits dishes with fish, seafood and green dishes as these colors enhance sour flavors.
  • Red, maroon and coral: Fits desserts and can enhance the sweet taste in the dish or increase the impression of red garnish.
  • Gray, beige, cream and white: Complements colorful red dishes
  • Black, dark brown and antracite gray: Enhances pale dishes and make them more full-bodied.
  • Dark blue and pale blue: Tempers saltyness in food and enhances yellow tones in the dish.
  • Green and pistachio: Enhances yellow dishes.

Ljudet runt middagsbordet påverkar smaken.

Kan omgivningsljud och musik påverka smaken i maten. Ja definitivt, menar gastronomen Johan Andersson och menar att ljudet är en bortglömd smak. Han säger vidare att om man höjer ljudnivån i en restaurang med 10 decibel så smakar maten mindre. Smakämnena påverkas alltså av högt ljud. Det kan vara en anledning till att barn säger att maten smakar dåligt i en stojig skolmatsal avslutar han.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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