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Dressed for work.

We spend alot of our time at work. What you wear during these hours can certainly affect how you feel at work and frankly how your working day works. Workwear can fill functional needs, be a important part of branding or be the protection you need in your work environment. Regardless of your needs or which business you work in we want to help you find your look at work. Welcome to be inspired!


Det sitter i kläderna

Dressed to serve.

Are there any who represent the restaurant more than the wait staff? They have contact with the guests and make sure that they are happy and get their wishes satisfied. During the working day, they are constantly on their toes  with a fingertip feeling for the guest's needs. Give your serving staff the best conditions during the working day. With clothes and shoes where fit and function are as obvious as how well the upholstery plays with your brand. 

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Get the look.

The importance of the right work wear is big. Not only are the clothes you wear att work supposed to be functional and affordable, employees also want to feel dressed and good about themselves and their look at work. Find your work style in our Lookbook where we have gathered several styles from different business areas and, as you can see, we have the whole to get you dressed from head to toe.

And if you by any chance cannot find your style in these pictures we are glad to help you find it.

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Profilerade kläder för ett starkare varumärke.

Vi har gedigen erfarenhet av att ta fram hela kollektioner av arbetskläder. Kollektioner som är bekväma och samtidigt utstrålar elegans och professionalism. Stärk ert varumärke med hjälp av vår kunskap inom profiltryckta arbetskläder. Här kan du se ett urval av kunder som valt oss som deras leverantör av arbetskläder.


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Christian suggests

How to find the right workwear.

We often get questions about what kind of clothes works in a specific trade, what materials to choose and how to get the right look for work.

check_logo.jpg LONG ADVANCEMENT

Creating a collection is a process. A process that may include tests, logo creation, determination of graphic clothing profile and application of transfer or embroidery. A long term perspective is therefore  desireable.

check_logo.jpg CLEAR REQUESTS

The more info we get in the beginning of the process the easier it is to satisfy to your needs and find the right clothes for you. For example it is good for us to know the expectations, purpose, colors, fit, material and details you require on the clothes as well as info about your budget.

check_logo.jpg​ MAKE USE OF OUR SKILLS

We have great knowledge and long experience of workwear and profiling. We keep track of trends, how to place logos, material choices, special production and so on. We will be happy to assist you and guide you to the right clothes for your company.

Promotional clothing

Tingstad and workwear.

We have long experience in workwear and offer a big range of well known and established brands. We also have our own brand, Prowear.

Regardless of what type of workwear you choose we have inhouse printing and embroidery that can make your clothes to a brand building advertising promoter.


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Our brands.

In our range of work clothes and work shoes, you will find all of well-known and established brands such as Hejco, Segers, Blue Clothes, Fristad Kansas, Jobman, Grundéns and Jalas for our own Prowear brand. We have work clothes and work shoes no matter what industry you are in, and can dress and your staff from top to toe with functional, durable and comfortable clothes and shoes.


The complete chef.

What does a chef need for a smooth working day? In addition to obvious things such as knives, cutting boards and various cookware, household appliances and plates, the chef also needs to be properly dressed for the job. If all the pieces are in place, there is room for the chef to focus on and highlight the fantastic craftsmanship that cooking is. Tingstad.com is the restaurant's destination for One Stop Shopping.



Cotton is the most common textile fiber in clothing. It is a fiber that demands much water and, when conventionally cultivated, chemicals both during cultivation and production. Of all cotton that is cultivated only 2 % is constituted by organic cotton.

Cotton grows on plants and is a crop that is relatively hard to cultivate. It is sensitive to drought, heavy rain, cold, insect attacks and diseases. Cotton also require heat and is cultivated on all continents around the equator.

Beyond heat the cotton plants need alot of water. That is regardless of if it is organically or conventionally grown. 1 kilo of cotton requires about 10 000 litres of water. To put it in further perspective the amount of water for one T-shirt is 2700 litres and a pair of jeans 11 000 litres of water.

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, fertilizers and GMO and the soil on which the cotton i grown must have been chemical free for three years. An organic cotton field can give poorer harvest and often require a larger effort than conventional cultivation.

Sustainable laundry.

Wash properly and you can extend the life of your garments.

1. Wash moderatly - From an environmental perspective the best thing would be not washing at all. But most garments need to be washed every once in a while. If a garment is not visibly dirty it is sometimes enough to air it. This is especially true of wool that have the ability to clean itself.

2. Fill up the machine - Many modern washing machines weigh the laundry to use the right amount of water. In older machines this faunction is rare and it is therefore advisable to take the habit of always filling the machine.

3. Prewash is rarely needed - A prewash is only necessary if the clothes are very dirty.

4. Avoid softeners - Softener is not nice to the environment and when washing with softener it will follow the waste water. Certain garments and textile fibers are even damaged by softeners. Function clothing loses its ability to breathe and absorb moisture and towels get poorer absorption capacity. A cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative for softer clothes is to use a small amount of vinegar instead of softener.



Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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