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Den kompletta kocken.

What does a chef need for a smooth working day? In addition to obvious things such as knives, cutting boards and various cookware, household appliances and plates, the chef also needs to be properly dressed for the job. If all the pieces are in place, there is room for the chef to focus on and highlight the fantastic craftsmanship that cooking is. Tingstad.com is the restaurant's destination for One Stop Shopping.


It's in the clothes.

Of course, the working day is affected by what you wear. If the clothes have the right fit, are made of the right material and compliant in different work steps and neither too hot nor too cold, you hardly need to think that you are wearing them. Of course, it is extra good if you also like the way the clothes look. We dress all types and shapes of chefs. What style suits your business?

Chef trousers Chef jackets

On your feet all day.

With the right shoes, a work shift with a lot of standing and walking will not be a problem. For those of you who work as a chef in the restaurant kitchen, it is important to have non-slip shoes to keep you steady on the track. The shoes also need to be able to relieve the feet and let them "breathe". See the shoes that give you the grip and the feeling of being on your toes all day.

Non-slip shoes


The chef's main tool.

The most important tools for the chef. Yes, it's undeniably the knives. Knives are available in a variety of designs, sizes and models. Knives that are designed for different types of raw materials and may be selected based on different personal preferences.

In our range you will find knives for all areas and raw materials in the kitchen. We have also produced a product guide that can give tips and advice on how you can think when choosing knives and in what way you should keep the edges sharp.

See knives See product guide

The complete kitchen.

The craft of cooking will not come into its own unless "everything" is in place. We have the kitchen equipment for your complete kitchen, regardless of whether you run a restaurant, hotel or catering business. Find what you need in our large selection of canteens, knives, pots, frying pans, kitchen appliances and salad bowls and much more

See range

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Customers we dressed.

We have long and solid experience in producing entire collections of workwear. Work clothes that are comfortable for the employees and that make them radiate wholeness, professionalism and brand pride. Click on to see a selection of customers who have chosen us as their supplier of workwear. Strengthen your brand with our help.

See showcases

Product guide knives.

Whether you cook in a home environment or in a commercial kitchen, the knife is one of the most commonly used work tools. Good kitchen knives make cooking both easier and more fun. Here you can learn more about different types of knives and knife sharpening and get tips on how to best take care of and store your knives.

To product guide

Food hygiene for the restaurant.

In kitchens and restaurant environments, it is very important to have good hygiene in the workplace. With good hygiene in the kitchen, you reduce the risk of spreading harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. In the long run, this means a reduced risk of food poisoning. By handling food and food in a hygienic way, the food also lasts longer, which reduces food waste.

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