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Permanent magnets.

A permanent magnet provides a constant magnetic field and generates a magnetic flux independent of dirt and other disturbances in a harsh environment. Our permanent magnets from Eclipse Magnetics have great attraction and come in different shapes - Which one suits your purpose?

Within specific industries and industrial sectors, you depend on smart magnetic solutions so that work can be carried out safely and smoothly. This can be anything from separating materials, picking up objects, cleaning and securing surfaces and areas.
Here you will find ceramic magnets with a strong AlNiCo magnet body that can withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees. They have threaded through holes in the center of the magnet body and many are suitable for installation. The magnet has a great pulling power to attract the very thinnest materials and some can be used as indicator bases, magnetic collectors and tool holders.

In the assortment, we have also collected a magnetic block designed to magnetize chisel tips, screws or demagnetize tools. In addition, we have welding magnets in the form of a magnetic block for holding sheet metal and pipes and more.
Make sure to have magnets close at hand that simplify your work, by saving time, money and improving the safety of your daily operations. - Check out our range and order at good prices.

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