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We offer a wide assortment of equipment for your bar and other consumables suitable for professional bars. In our assortment you will find glasses, shakers, jiggers, sprinklers, pourers, straws etc. We also offer a large selection of drinkmixers, juices, water, purees and syrups.

Påsk på Tingstad 2024!

Easter starts at Tingstad.

At Tingstad you will find decorative and tasty products for Easter. We offer candy, chocolate, packaging items, napkins, candles and decorative items in Easter and Spring colours. We wish you a happy Easter!

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Discover Rubinen's Coffee Roastery.

Discover the coffee and beans from Rubinens Kafferosteri, - our own coffee. Here you will find whole beans and ground coffee. All the coffee we offer is slow roasted to give the best possible taste experience from each bean. The coffee from Rubinens Kafferosteri is like hanging out with the people you like - simple, tasty and pleasant.

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Tingstad Service - Skadedjurskontroll.

Tingstad Service – Pest Control Program.

Rats, mice, and pests can all pose a problem, and with spring approaching, pests are becoming increasingly active. With our pest control service, you get an affordable, practical, and secure solution that allows you to feel confident that pests won't cause trouble in your business.

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Produkter för en god handhygien.
Vi har produkterna!

Good hand hygiene makes a difference!

Washing your hands regularly is the most basic thing you can do to avoid infections of various kinds. If there is no soap at hand, hand sanitizer/hand sanitizer is a good alternative. A lot of hand washing and hand sprays become drying over time, so also remember the hand cream and to also lubricate and soften.

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Återanvändbara muggar och matlådor med ReturnMe

Future-proof take away with ReturnMe.

Starting from January 1, 2024, a new law will be introduced that requires restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and other food service establishments offering their customers food and beverages in disposable cups and food containers to also provide reusable alternatives for take away. With our concept, ReturnMe, you can find reusable take-away products as well as a digital return system that complies with the requirement for a collection and reuse rotation system.

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Glass for every occasion.

The glasses in a bar has not only one purpose, to serve in. They should also have the right design to bring our the right flavours and fragrances as well as match the interior. Above all the glasses shall be used and re-used many times. We have the tips of how you best take care of your glasses without getting clouds on the glasses.

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The non-alcoholic bar.

Not only those who drive or are pregnant abstain from alcohol, and the non-alcoholic alternatives are now more and more sophisticated. Many bars and restaurants nowadays want to be able to offer an exciting and tasty range of non-alcoholic alternatives, and as the supply becomes more sophisticated, customers' willingness to pay for them also increases.

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Kitchen appliances.

With the right kitchenware the work is easily done. We have a wide assortment of high quality products that helps you with the perfect grilling surface, keeping the soup warm, making zucchini into zoodles as well as mixing the perfect smoothies.

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We have a wide selection of leading brands on the market. In our range you will find for all types of tasks. We know that excellent knifes is a must in order to create great food.

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For a safer workplace

Be prepared if any accident were to happen at your workplace. We offer first aid kits suitable for all types of workplaces.

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