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Here you will find our selection of heating elements and fan heaters from well-known brands such as Stadler Form and Frico.. A heating element is perfect when you have spruced up or renovated a conservatory, cottage or shed. It is best suited in small spaces because the temperature rises quickly. Our heating elements are both powerful and efficient and thus help you to always maintain an even heat distribution. We have different models to offer, which both work in your summer cottage but also for the office if the cold comes.

The difference between a heating element and a heating fan!

  • Heating Element: Is a type of heater that uses resistive heat to generate heat. Typically, heating elements consist of a metal wire that heats up when electric current passes through it. This heated wire emits heat to its surroundings, resulting in heating of the air around it. Heating elements can be built into different types of heaters, such as oil heaters, infrared heaters or underfloor heating systems. These heating elements can be used to heat up rooms and provide an even and constant heat.


  • Fan heater: Is a type of heater that uses a fan to circulate warm air in the room. Typically, a fan heater consists of a heating element, similar to the one described above, that heats the air. The heated air is then spread through the room using a fan, resulting in faster and more even heating. Fan heaters are often portable and compact, making them suitable for placing in different rooms and spaces as needed. They are also usually affordable and easy to use.

Discover our range of heating elements and fan heaters and find the perfect heating solution for your needs and preferences.

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