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Fast food.

We have gathered a selected assortment suitable for fast food restaurants and pizzerias. Here you will find products for the dinning room, kitchen and the office. Welcome to shop from our site for fast food restaurants!


Bamboo boxes for keeping warm.

New to the range are these bamboo molds. The boxes are made of bamboo with a lid made of PP-plastic and are designed to withstand hot holding of food. This makes these bamboo boxes unique in the market. They can withstand temperatures from -40 to +150 degrees and microwave.

Perfect for those who sell take away food and / or need hot holding of food.

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Dressing cup in paper.

Brown is both beautiful and trendy! It is also somewhat of a signal color for more sustainable products. These dressing cups and lids are made of paper. Perfect for serving take away in a neat and more sustainable way.

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Wooden boats

Naturally beautiful plates.

Serve snacks, canapés or chocolate truffles or other good on these boat demos. They are made from thin planed wood which makes them light, supple and naturally delicious to serve.

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Our brownest assortment.

A trendy and increasingly demanded take away range is our brown range. Here you will find everything from paper, to mugs, food forms, cutlery and napkins. It gives a feeling of the city's pulse and range while at the same time the products breathe nature and sustainability.

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Fresh pizza in nice boxes.

We have a wide range of products for fast food and pizzerias. A really nice product is our red Normpack-tested pizza box. Deliver pizza in it and you can be sure that your customers get a delicious pizza in a cardboard box that does not release any bad substances to the pizza. If you do not want to be square, you can deliver the pizza in a round pizza bax made of bagasse. You will find both the boxes and more in our range.

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Salad bowls in RPET.

Serve the salad in our stylish salad bowls from the Trend series. The bowls are made of RPET, ie recycled plastic, which makes them bowls with environmental benefits. The bowls have both flat and dome shaped lids to buy.

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About EU:s ban against single-use plastic items.

In 2021, a number of disposable plastic items will be banned. Take the opportunity to change your purchases now by discovering our range of products that are a smart alternative to your current plastic products.

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All you need for a secure food storage.

How we store food and that we store it properly is crucial to maintaining its quality, taste and aroma. With us you will find the products that help you to get a good and safe storage solution. At Tingstad you will find, among other things, storage containers and boxes, disposable gloves, labels and markers.

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Hygiene in restaurants.

Here you will find practical tips on how you can increase the hygiene in your restaurant. 

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Cleaning the deep fryer.

Here you will find useful tips on how to clean your deep fryer. You will also find tips on products that are good for use when cleaning and maintaing your deep fryer.

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Cleaning of griddles and grills.

Here you will find useful tips on how to clean grill surfaces and griddles. You will also find tips on cleaning products and accessories that are great when cleaning.

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Cleaning of workstations in commercial kitchens.

Here you will find useful tips on how to keep up the hygiene at your workstations in the kitchens. You'll also find tips on practical products that will help you keep your kitchen clean.

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Street Style.

Here we have gathered a selection of products with a urban, rustic and earthy feel. Bagasse, palm leaves and natural fibers are exciting materials that makes your packaging stad out.

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Material guide.

It is important for us to help our customers make informed decisions. Therefore, we have developed a material guide to make it easier for you as a customer.

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Food truck with inspiration from all over the world.

With experience from the restaurant and service business and with inspiration from travels, Giovanna and Jacob started Rollin' Bistros in 2014. Today they have their business in Gothenburg where they have two food trucks and run a lunch café at Lindholmspiren. See the film where Giovanna tells us more about their exciting and creative business.

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