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Summer is a busy time for campsites and there is little time left to order consumables. We know that many campsites uses different suppliers for their purchases – this leads to confusion concerning orders and prices. That is why we have created a unique website towards campsites with a large assortment of cleaning equipment, food service, office supplies, cloths and packaging. Your order is delivered directly to your campsite.

Do you know about hemester, staycation and svemester?

Do you know the concepts of hemester, staycation and svemester? Here is an explanation!

Hemester mean that you create a holiday feeling even though you are in your own home. For example, by cooking a spank themed dinner or preparing a really good hotel breakfast.

When you carry out a staycation, you stay in your immediate area or in your hometown. You will find new trails, mountains, forests and open landscapes, or why not a trip to local delicacies. New exciting experiences are usually closer than you think.

Svemester is about vacationing in Sweden. To discover new sides and parts of our beautiful elongated country that accommodates a large variety of holiday experiences. The range is endless, and camping is a great way to holiday!

Source: apollo.se (https://www.apollo.se/resor/semester-i-sverige/hemester-staycation-svemester)

16 5-star campsites in Sweden.

In 2020, there were 16 5-star campsites in Sweden. It is SCR (Swedish Camping and Cottage Entrepreneurs' National Organization) that every year carries out its assessment and sets grades with regard to hygiene, environment, service, recreation and activities and then produces a quality index.

The 16 campsites that are in the top are:
1. Orsa Camping, Dalarna
2. Ursand Resort & Camping, Västergötland
3. Gustavsvik Camping, Närke
4. Böda Sand, Öland
5. Pite Havsbad, Norrbotten
6. Kneippbyn Resort, Gotland
7. Apelviken, Halland
8. Hafsten Resort, Bohuslän
9. Ansia Resort, Västerbotten
10. Västervik Resort, Småland
11. Årjäng Camping and Cottages Sommarvik, Värmland
12. Meeting place Borstahusen, Skåne
13. Byske Havsbad, Västerbotten
14. Kronocamping Swecamp, Västergötland
15. Daftö Resort, Bohuslän
16. Sonjas Camping & Stugor, Öland

Source: expressen.se (https://www.expressen.se/allt-om-resor/bilsemester/sveriges-12-basta-campingplats-1/)
Photo: Västervik Resort, Småland - Photo: DAVID WALL, DENHEF DIGITAL AB

Safe camping in the pandemic.

Visita has developed recommendations for campsites to make it easier for campsites to stay open and at the same time help to take responsibility for reducing the spread of infection and creating safe conditions for staff and guests by following the Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations, general advice and general recommendations. The recommendations are under the heading "Safe Camping".

A selection of the recommendations are:

  • Mark distances on the floor for queues, for example
  • Offer guests the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and water and offer hand sanitizer
  • Expand cleaning routines in both public areas and cottages
  • Disinfect equipment that guests rent or borrow between each occasion. It can be, for example, golf clubs, rackets, paddles and more

Source: visita.se (https://visita.se/trygg-camping/)

New design on the Swan labelled paper mug!

Now the Swan labelled paper mug changes it’s look to a more modern and stripped-down design and with beautiful birds as a motive. The paper in the cups is made from forests that are grown according to sustainability principles (PEFC). The cup comes in one size, 23 cl, and is perfect for serving coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. Make a good environmental choice next time you buy takeaway cups!


Workwear with embroidery!

With embroidery, clothes get an extra lift. Introduce your staff with an embroidered name or put your logo on the workwear you use. We offer embroidery with fast deliveries at a price that can be compared.

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What have we done in 2020?

For most people, 2020 was, to say the least, a different year. The pandemic has in many ways left wounds and traces, but also very quickly propelled valuable development that is probably not just temporary. The positive effect on the climate that the pandemic has brought is a good example of this.

During the past year, Tingstad has taken several major and decisive steps in sustainability. Read more about them in our sustainability report.

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Hand disinfection.

Hand disinfection is a good complement to soap to prevent unwanted spread of bacteria and infections. With us you will find a wide range of disinfection in different variants. The hand disinfectant is available in a number of different designs such as liquid soap with pump, gel or in practical disposable napkins.

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Queue system for smooth queue management.

Here you will find a wide range of queuing machines, number plates and displays to facilitate queue management in the places where many people gather at your campsite at the same time. For example, at the store, restaurant or at the rental business.



For many industries, the pandemic has meant great challenges and a changed everyday life. On this page we have collected relevant products such as hand disinfection, mouth guards, gloves and signs to keep distance as well as many other suitable products connected to Covid-19.

Discover what we have to offer for your business.


Discover our services

Professional dishservice.

We have long experience in delivering dishservice to restaurants, hotels and companies. We install and get you started, ensuring that everything works in the best possible way. Learn more about how we can facilitate your working day.

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Food safety program.

Our Food safety program is uniquely designed for large kitchens, restaurants and grocery stores. Operations in these industries are expected to comply with legal requirements and guidelines regarding food safety and hygiene. We conduct hygiene inspections and inform you about possible shortcomings, we develop action plans, follow up and assist you in documenting what the authorities require for good food hygiene.

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Pest Control program.

Our Pest Control program is designed to provide you with long-term and worry-free results. Our pest technicians have the knowledge required to give you practical advice on what can be improved in your business to keep your pests away.

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