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Everything you need in packaging and bags.

At Tingstad.com, you'll find everything you need to package and protect your products in a safe and efficient way. We offer a wide range of packaging and bags in various sizes, colors, and materials, from paper bags to plastic bags. Whether you have a business or just want to protect your personal belongings, we have the packaging products for you. We've also specialized in customized solutions for shops and companies, so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Explore our assortment today and find the perfect packaging for your products.

Welcome to Tingstad's range of packaging and bags! Here you will find everything you need to pack and protect your products. We have a wide range of bags in different sizes, colors and materials, from paper bags to plastic bags. To protect your products, you will also find bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, packing tape and much more.

We understand the importance of having the right packaging to make your business as efficient as possible. Therefore, we have also specialized in customized solutions for stores and businesses. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will help you find the right packaging and bags for your business.

Buy your packaging online from us at Tingstad and get fast delivery. We also offer a wide range of other packaging materials and accessories for all your needs. Explore our range today and discover how we can help you with your packaging solution.

Förhindra skadedjur i din verksamhet.

Products against pests.

With us, you'll find a wide variety of products for pest control. Uninvited guests sometimes unfortunately find their way into businesses. We have the products that help you combat, capture, and keep pests away. See what we can offer you and your business. 

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I vår nya presentpapperskatalog kan du ta del av sköna mönster, sobert enfärgat papper och härliga nyheter.

Gift Wrapping Paper Collection 2024.

In our new gift wrapping paper catalog, you can explore delightful patterns, subtly solid-colored paper, and lovely news that all inspire beautiful wrappings. With us, you will find both the inspiration and the products you need to create a beautiful overall look when it comes to gift wrapping.

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Vaxat papper för vackra inslagningar.

Waxed silk paper for beautiful wrappings.

Wrap bouquets, flowers, and gifts with beautifully waxed silk paper that enhances the impression. With waxed silk paper, the bouquet is enveloped in the delicate beauty that silk paper offers, while the wax makes the paper more resistant to moisture and prevents color bleeding.

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Svenskproducerade e-handelspåsar i papper.

Paper e-commerce bags.

With us, you will find a wide range of paper e-commerce bags. The paper is made from high-quality Nordic, certified forest raw material, making the bags both lightweight and durable. Here, you will find the e-commerce bags of the future that can withstand the pace of today's e-commerce.

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E-packaging in paper.

E-commerce requires packaging that is durable. We know that. We have therefore developed a range of e-commerce packaging in paper that can really be compared. Our Tur & Retur bag is made to withstand several turns. You send easily to the customer, who in turn can return in the same bag.

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We deliver on corrugated pallets!

We are happy and proud to deliver your goods on corrugated pallets now. The benefits are many, both for you as a customer, for us at Tingstad, and not least for the environment! Lighter pallets are easier to handle and produce less emissions.

Categories in bags & wrapping

Paper Bags.

In our product range you will find several different paper bags that are perfect for custom print. Choose from exclusive bags, bags with twisted handles or flat handles or block bottom bags.

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Reusable Bags.

We have many reusable bags in several different materials such as PP non wowen, fabric, PET etc. With a reusable bags - your brand will be seen many times.

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We can print your gift boxes and gift bags. We have several different sizes and models to choose from.

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E-commerce boxes.

Do you need packaging for your products? We offer profiles of both cartons and bags for e-commerce and mail order.

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Gift Wrap.

We offer the printing of gift paper, ribbons, labels and wrapping paper.

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Plastic bags.

We print plastic bags with your logo and message on it. We have a wide range of bags to choose from and several different models.

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