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Filling material can be used to pack goods to be forwarded with shipping companies or for gifts to be wrapped beautifully in a gift box. In our range we have guaranteed a filling material that suits your needs. We have tissue, springfill, wood wool, bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard. All filler materials have different properties but all have one thing in common, they protect from bumps and blows.

Filler material for all needs - from tissue paper to corrugated cardboard

Filler material is used to protect products during transport and storage. It is usually placed in packaging together with the products to ensure that they stay in place and are not damaged by any potential bumps or impacts. Filler material comes in different forms and materials such as kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, and wood wool. The choice of filler material depends on the product's sensitivity, size, and weight.

At Tingstad, you can find a wide range of filler materials tailored to different needs. We offer filler materials in various sizes and quantities to suit different needs and products, so whether you're shipping small or large items, we can help you find the right material to ensure safe transport.

Tissue paper is ideal for preventing scratches or scuffs on delicate surfaces, while wood wool is perfect for filling empty spaces in boxes or gift boxes. Bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard are excellent choices for protecting against larger impacts and stresses.

As experts in packaging, we at Tingstad always put the customer first and are happy to help you find the optimal filler material for your specific needs.

Unfortunately no one is online but you can send us an email to kontakt@tingstad.se!

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