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We provide a wide range of induction cookers adapted for restaurant kitchens and professional cooking. Here you will find freestanding induction hobs but also models adapted for installation, with one or two induction hobs that are suitable for a variety of cookware.

A portable induction cooker is perfect for kitchens that need mobile solutions as well as cafes, campsites and food trucks where space-efficient cooking is preferable. We offer induction cookers from leading players such as Bartscher and Hendi that combine design and function in an exclusive way.

Choose from several electronic induction cookers in stainless steel with induction hobs of glass-ceramic with varying dimensions, temperature and power modes. What features are most important to your business? - Identification of pans, digital indication, control with touch control or knob? Buy Induction hobs - Induction hobs for good pirs here with us at Tingstad.com!

You will find the right pan in our wide range of frying pans and pots!

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